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Do not let your guests wait!


Fast lane Check-In solutions replace excel files at the entrance of your event. Each guest is checked in a comfortable, quick and easy way.


Our systems are established for more than 10 years, at large and small, one-day and weeklong events. Benefit from our know-how!


Our team consists of experts. We work fast, thoroughly and professional. To ensure that your event is successful.


Apart from our economical standard packages we offer solutions for premium expectations. Our portfolio contains:

  • barcodes and qr codes
  • ticket printing
  • usage of mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android

Additionally, we provide a professional online guest managmeent solution, which is free for use independently from booking our on-site services.


Preparation phase

About two weeks before the event our experts specify the details together with you and define the entry process. With an example of your guestlist we create a live demonstration.

24 hours before the event assembly starts, we receive your final guest list. We prepare the server.
The last possibility to import the updated guestlist is two hours before your first guests enter the event.

Live / onsite phase

Our specially trained operator arrives at the site of the event several hours before your event begins. He connects the laptops and the accreditation server, tests the system and instructs your personnel regarding the live operation in cooperation with you.

During the entire visitor accreditation process he is available for questions and eventual technical problems. Also, he is able to add particular guests to the list, or to change their data.


Our company is based in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws. Your guest lists are treated strictly confidential, and will be deleted upon your approval from our servers.


We are specialized in the software for your guest accreditation. Hopefully you are the specialists for furniture, power, tents, or whatever you need else for your event to be successful. To be able to work, we need:

  • Power supply, 16A, including cables to each counter
  • dry and safe places of deposit for each laptop, i.e. counter, table
  • deposition area for the server, with power supply
  • Possibility to draw cables between laptops and server
  • sun protection for better image quality on the laptops
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